mbbs in abroad

MBBS in Abroad

mbbs in abroad

MBBS in Abroad – The best step-by-step guide

MBBS in Abroad opens the best career opportunities for the students. Completing a medical degree from foreign universities.MBBS in Abroad

The most superior graduation course among all according to Indian society is MBBS and becoming a doctor. Since doctor gets the highest honor- Every student has a dream to become a doctor from a top university but the reality in India is different because if a student wills to become a doctor he/she has to clear the NEET entrance exam which will allow studying in a government college. And the second option is to apply to a private college that has a high tuition fee. So if a student has a dream to become a doctor he/she should be very brilliant or very rich to get the best education. The Solution to all of these problems is to get admission to an MBBS college abroad. Because studying abroad has more advantages than studying is own country.
Medical education is quite difficult as compared to other graduate degrees. Because it is education to save lives and it has no chance of being wrong so one should be perfect in their field. Eligibility to apply for MBBS in Aboard
An Indian student can easily apply for studying abroad if he has qualified for the following criteria. An MBBS aspirant should have 50% marks in PCM in their 10+2 examination.
A student should also have appeared in the NEET examination and have a good command of English to apply for abroad studies.

Top University For MBBS
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi Medical University
Kazan State Medical University
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
Al Farabi Kazakh National University
Hayabusa University of Yerevan
Irkutsk State Medical University
Taras Shevchenko National University

Duration of studying abroad

MBBS/MD – To complete your MBBS/MD you have to spend 6 years. This will include your internship also to get your hands to your work. It will provide you the opportunity to work with the multinational organizations across the globe

Dentistry – If you are willing to do dentistry which is the study to become a dentist you have to spend 5 years abroad in which you will get an internship as a dental assistant where you can work on your practical skills

Pharmacy – The study to know about medicines with the help of their chemical composition by which you can work in a pharmacy in a hospital. To accomplish this course you have to spend 4 years.

Nursing – The profession is connected with the profession of the doctor. The difference is that in this profession you have to do the care and you can complete this course in 4 years




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