MBBS In Bangladesh


Students aiming to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh can explore this option vigorously. However, admission into a prestigious and well-ranked university or college for an MBBS program in Bangladesh necessitates adherence to specific eligibility standards. Failure to meet these criteria may result in the rejection of the MBBS application.

Individuals keen on pursuing MBBS studies in Bangladesh must acquaint themselves with essential information such as the top universities in the country, eligibility prerequisites, and associated fees. If you lack knowledge about MBBS opportunities in Bangladesh, it is advisable to seek guidance from an expert promptly.

Main Objective


Acquiring an MBBS degree from overseas presents numerous advantages. Among the top destinations, choosing to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh is increasingly popular among Indian students seeking international medical education. Presently, opting for MBBS in Bangladesh proves to be a prudent decision for students, given the closely aligned study structure resembling that of India. Most colleges offer a 5-year course followed by a 1-year internship, mirroring the guidelines set forth in the NMC gazette for students obtaining MBBS degrees abroad. Additionally, the cultural, culinary, and climatic similarities to India create a familiar environment conducive to learning.

The premier Medical Universities in Bangladesh boast cutting-edge infrastructure and employ highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The syllabus and educational approach for MBBS in Bangladesh are on par with global standards of medical education. Notably, the pass rate in the MCI screening test is commendable, with the latest FMGE 2020 percentage recorded at 36.70%. The admission process is straightforward, devoid of entrance examinations for MBBS aspirants in Bangladesh.

With over 25 state-supported colleges and more than 50 private universities offering MBBS programs, Bangladesh has emerged as a sought-after destination for Indian students. The undergraduate MBBS programs in Bangladesh are particularly renowned among Indian students. The popularity of obtaining an MBBS degree from Bangladesh extends to students from Nepal and other South Asian countries. Furthermore, MBBS admission in Bangladesh is cost-effective, and the societal norms and lifestyle closely resemble those in India. The degrees conferred are recognized by esteemed medical councils globally, including the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and various other international medical bodies.

Benefits Of The Course In Bangladesh

  • Students benefit from lessons delivered by highly renowned and visiting speakers from the USA, UK, and Canada.
  • They actively participate in regular classes and symposia held in various European countries.
  • Guaranteed Visa Assurance is provided to deserving candidates.
  • English serves as the medium of instruction.
  • Bangladesh’s medical education enjoys global recognition.
  • The fees are easily affordable.
  • The education quality is excellent, and admission in Bangladesh does not require any donations.


S.N Name of College (Bangladesh) Total Tution Fee
1 Parkview Medical College, Sylhet USD 35,000
2 Ad-Din Women’s Medical College, Dhaka USD 45,000
3 Marks Medical College, Dhaka USD 39,000
4 Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Sylhet USD 42,000
5 Mainamoti Medical College, Comila USD 40,000
6 Dr. Sirajul islam Medical College, Dhaka USD 40,000
7 Medical college for women and Hospital, Dhaka USD 46,000
8 IBN Sina Medical College, Dhaka USD 40,000
9 TMMS, R.U, Bogra USD 40,000
10 Eastern Medical College, Comilla USD 41,500
11 North East Medical College, Sylhet USD 41,000
12 Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet USD 43,000
13 Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Tangail USD 44,900
14 Anwer Khan Modern Medical College, Dhaka USD 45,000
15 Shahabuddin Medical College, Dhaka USD 43,000
16 Dhaka National Medical College USD 35,000
17 Bangladesh Medical College USD 52,400
18 Enam Medical College and Hospital USD 50,000
19 Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College USD 42,000
20 International Medical College Bangladesh USD 44,000
21 Central Medical College USD 40,500
22 Community Based Medical College USD 48,000
23 Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College USD 49,000
24 Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College USD 43,000
25 Popular Medical College USD 45,000
26 T.M.S.S. Medical College USD 44,000
27 Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College USD 46,000
28 Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College USD 40,000
29 North Bengal Medical College USD 34,000
30 East West Medical College USD 50,000
31 Delta Medical College USD 44,200
32 Prime Medical College USD 41,000
33 Dhaka Central International Medical College USD 42,300
34 Rangpur Community Medical College USD 39,950
35 US-Bangla Medical College USD 35,000
36 Southern Medical College USD 41,000
37 Uttara Adhunik Medical College USD 44,800
38 Ad-din Sakina Medical College USD 36,000
39 Universal Medical College USD 42,000
40 Green Life Medical College USD 46,000
41 Dhaka Community Medical College USD 42,000
42 Monno Medical College USD 45,000
43 MH Samorita Medical College USD 41,000
44 Diabetic Association Medical College, Faridpur USD 42,000
45 Jahurul Islam Medical College USD 41,000
46 Bikrampur Bhuiyans Medical College USD 32,000
47 Islami Bank Medical College USD 40,000
48 President Abdul Hamid Medical College USD 35,000
49 Uttara Women’s Medical College USD 44,800
50 Z. H. Sikder Women’s Medical College USD 40,000
51 Monowara Sikder Medical College USD 37,000
52 City Medical College USD 39,000
53 BGC Trust Medical College USD 36,000
54 Brahmanbaria Medical College USD 38,000
55 Khulna City Medical College USD 40,000
56 Institute of Applied Health Sciences USD 44,700