MBBS In Nepal


Opting for MBBS in Nepal can be an excellent decision for individuals aiming to pursue a career in medicine. Nepal’s universities provide a diverse range of courses, with MBBS being particularly popular among students.

Indian students highly prefer pursuing MBBS in Nepal. In India, medical colleges admit students based on their scores in the NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) examination.

Following the recent NMC mandate stipulating a 54-month duration for the MBBS degree, Nepal has emerged as a favored destination for Indian students seeking MBBS education abroad. The course structure in medical colleges in Nepal closely resembles that of India, making the process of obtaining an MBBS degree in Nepal straightforward and stress-free. If you are considering pursuing MBBS studies abroad, Nepal should certainly be among the destinations you contemplate.

Main Objective


Nepal has emerged as a hub for medical education in recent years, boasting several MCI and WHO recognized colleges. It offers high-quality MBBS courses at a reasonable cost. Many of the teaching faculty members are Indians, bringing with them extensive expertise in their respective fields. The medical universities in Nepal provide world-class infrastructure and facilities, comparable to Western standards, making them an excellent choice for medical studies.

Most medical colleges in Nepal are enlisted in the National Medical Commission (NMC) and other prestigious medical councils. They also offer coaching for licensure examinations such as USMLE, FMGE, and PLAB, among others.

Indian students seeking admission to Nepalese medical universities must qualify in NEET. Instruction in most colleges is conducted in English. Tuition fees in Nepal typically range between 40 to 60 lakhs for a full-year course. For Indian students seeking practical medical education close to home with an international educational experience, studying MBBS in Nepal is highly recommended.

Nepalese medical colleges prioritize quality education and subject students to rigorous training to nurture top-notch doctors. The infrastructures in Nepal’s medical colleges are advanced, akin to Indian labs or their Western counterparts, facilitating practical tests. Additionally, most colleges provide separate hostel accommodations for male and female students.

Benefits Of The Course In Nepal

  • Nepal offers an internationally accredited MBBS degree recognized by MCI, WHO, and other esteemed medical bodies.
  • The fee structure for MBBS admission in Nepal is affordable, with many reputed institutions providing higher education at a lower budget compared to private colleges in India.
  • All colleges offer hostel accommodations with standard amenities, and English serves as the medium of instruction.
  • The cultural similarities between Nepal and India create a welcoming environment for Indian students, with the local community embracing them warmly.
  • The pleasant weather for most of the year adds to the appeal of studying in Nepal.
  • The course duration is five and a half years.
  • Moreover, Nepal boasts well-maintained laws and order, positioning it among the safest countries globally.

MBBS in Nepal 2024

FEE STRUCTURE (with expected NEET score & SCHOLARSHIP through WRC till 30th June, 2024)

S.N College Name University Location TOTAL TUITION FEE (INR) Hostel, Food, Secruty Money & Miscellaneous Approx INR 1st Installment Approx(Including Hostel , Food & Miscellaneous) NEET Score Range SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT
1 Manipal College of Medical Science KU Pokhara 75000 USD 800000-900000 2200000-2300000 250+ NIL
2 Kathmandu Medical College KU kathmandu 5500000 1000000-1100000 2900000-3000000 250+ TUITION FEE MAY INCREASE AFTER 10 ADMISSIONS
3 KIST Medical College TU Kathmandu 5500000 450000-500000 2300000-2500000 150+ INR 300000 (IN OVERALL PACKAGE)
4 Chitwan Medical College TU Bharatpur 5700000 HOSTEL FREE for entire course (FOOD AND OTHER EXTRA) 2300000-2500000 350+ SEE DETAIL BELOW
5 College of Medical Science KU Bharatpur 6200000 700000-800000 2800000-2900000 200+ DEPENDS UPON NEET SCORE
6 Lumbini Medical College KU Palpa 5000000 800000-900000 2600000-2700000 150+ INR 200000 (IN OVERALL PACKAGE)
7 Devdaha Medical College KU Devdaha 4800000 800000-900000 2500000-2600000 150+ INR 200000 (IN OVERALL PACKAGE)
8 Nobel Medical College KU Biratnagar 5200000 900000-1000000 2900000-3000000 160+ TUITION FEE MAY INCREASE AFTER 10 ADMISSIONS
9 Nepal Medical College KU Kathmandu 5500000 700000-800000 2500000-2600000 180+ TUITION FEE MAY INCREASE AFTER
10 ADMISSIONS 10 Birat Medical College KU Biratnagar 5200000 900000-1000000 2300000-2400000 160+ NIL
11 National Medical College TU Birgunj 5500000 800000-900000 2300000-2400000 140+ NIL

NEET SCORE 350+ (INR 400000) | 250-349 (INR 300000) | 200-249 (INR 200000)